[REVIEW] Charlie Carrel’s Poker Masterclass

July 19, 2019, Paul Seaton – PokerNews

” At $249, the package is cheaper than a lot of training programs on the market, but offers a lot more than most, with a huge range of skills defined and explained with passion and mastery from someone who is as gifted at passing on information as they clearly have been at gathering it. . .” Read more

EPT Monte Carlo: Charlie Carrel grows up

April 30, 2019, Jack Stanton – PokerStars Blog

” For a “former professional poker player” (and former garish dresser), Charlie Carrel has been putting on a stellar display so far at EPT Monte Carlo, final tabling three high rollers in a row for more than half a million euros.

But if it’s not poker, what does Carrel now consider his job? And what does he make of the current high roller world he’s still a crusher in? We caught up with him during his epic Monaco run to find out . . . ” Read more

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