Poker Immersion

Over 70 hours of live-streamed game and analysis from Charlie Carrel (Epiphany77)

Since venturing into the world of online coaching, I’ve recorded over 70 hours of real-time, online poker sessions. This includes the bankroll challenge, lessons, Q&As and analysis.

I’ve uploaded the videos, which you can buy individually or as a batch, to help low-stakes players – including those who are just starting out. My streamed sessions are cheap (around $1 per hour of video, or $50 for the lot) and unstructured.

You’ll be learning via immersion rather than taking a purpose-built class. But I go into detail wherever possible, and there’s a lot of in-depth theory accompanying the play.

It’s less direct than a tutorial, but you’re getting a super realistic view of online poker. The grind, the ups and downs, the… er… reasonably rare mistakes.

If you need something more structured and advanced, check out the Poker Masterclass.

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