Guided Meditations

Feel empowered through the day.
Relax into deep sleep at night.
Clear your mind of fear.

Meditation brings clarity, awareness and an ability to observe the present moment without impulsive judgement.

Guided meditations are beneficial for people in all walks of life.

The meditations I offer on this website are particularly useful for poker players and others who spend time thinking quickly, calmly and tactically.

You can invest in them singly, via my Vimeo page, or save money by getting all at once (see embedded video below).

Each one is described below.

Meditation Videos

These specially-designed recordings can be used as stand alone meditations or throughout the day in the sequence shown below.

All meditations

Kick Start Meditation 

This meditation is great for shaking off sluggish feelings. It clears mind fog and wakes up the brain. It is perfect for first thing in the morning before breakfast, or mid-afternoon when energy levels drop. It is a short and intensive meditation.

Not for people pregnant or with a heart condition or high blood pressure.

Clear Fear and Worry

This meditation aims to reduce heart rates and blood pressure. It helps to keep your feet on the ground and increase confidence. It will help you create and own your space and release limiting negativity thoughts. It focuses on breathing while enjoying a guided meditation.

Increasing Your Inner Strength

This meditation is aimed to help manage anxiety, fear, anger and frustration. It will help you bring your body back into a calmer state and also help you to feel aligned to your inner strength. It focuses on breathing while enjoying a guided meditation.

Remove Traces of Negativity

This is a very relaxing guided meditation providing a deep cleanse for the body. It fills the body and aura with positive energy.

Deep Relaxation Before Sleeping

This is a guided meditation aimed to remove tension in the mind, emotions and physical body. This relaxes you into a blissful sleep.

It is very relaxing, so it is recommended that you do this meditation before you wish to sleep – not if you still have things to do.

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