About Kathy

Kathy works with Charlie to deliver a holistic, whole-life approach to success and well-being


I was born in a small country village. I grew up loving playing outside and making up games with my imagination.

I used to spend ages watching the caterpillars with their many legs, with often beautiful long hairs on their backs; and then, overnight, they became a chrysalis; all still and hard on the outside yet moving with transformational growth on the inside. I would wait patiently until the magnificent butterfly or moth appeared.

I fell in love with nature. My connection to Lady Gaia started at this early age.

I have spent 40 years understanding my ability to connect to the angelic beings.  You can read more of my background on my website.


As well as my guided meditations, my disciplines include healing energies, spiritual communications and orbs.

My passion is to help people understand their energy and to help them to walk their life in a spiritual way connected to their Divine I AM; and to continue to develop my gift throughout this lifetime and beyond!

Kathy Crosswell

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