About Charlie

Charlie Carrel. Islander turned Londoner. 26 years old.
Also known as “that guy who turned $15 into millions playing poker”.
Now he wants to help others do the same.

I’m Charlie. You might know me as Epiphany77 (my PokerStars handle).

I’m a successful poker player and, more recently, an almost-full-time philanthropist.

My aim is to help others find the same success I did.


I was born in Jersey (one of the Channel Islands) in 1993.

At 19, I realised poker was going to be a big deal. I needed to focus. I moved back to my grandmother’s house in Jersey and committed myself fully to the game. Social life = annihilated.

I had $2,500. The goal was $100k.

When I was about two-thirds of the way there, I won $201,000 in the Sunday Million. Bit of a turning point.

From there, I kept up with online poker – and I also started buying into live tournaments.

I netted a couple of big wins over the next couple of years, including:

  • €1.1million in the EPT11 Grand Final Monte Carlo in May 2015
  • $565k in the EPT13 in Prague, 2016
  • $1.2million at the SCOOP main event in January 2017
  • €327k in Monte Carlo again, May 2019

All in all, I’ve won over $7.1million in live events and over $1million in online tournaments.


I still live in London. I don’t spend all of my time obsessing over poker (in fact, as you may have heard, I consider myself semi-retired from that world) but it’s still a big part of my life.

I am working on all aspects of myself: mental, physical and spiritual. By healing, and making myself whole, I can help others. I am launching a charity (Abundance – watch this space) to do just that.

Poker-wise, I have shifted my focus to teaching. Hence this site. My coaching is focused on micro- and small-stakes poker, which is what you’ll find in my videos.

The live-streamed games – over 100 hours of them – have been priced to be as inclusive as possible. The masterclass is for people who already know they’re on their way.

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