Long-Term Success with Poker

Charlie Carrel, multi-millionaire poker pro and and developer of a long-term, sustainable poker lifestyle, is making his knowledge available to poker players everywhere.


Video classes

<a href="https://epiphany77.com/poker-streaming-videos/">Watch & Learn</a>
Watch & Learn

Whether you’re just starting out or hoping to hone your skills, there are plenty of ways to improve your game.
Watching a professional play an insane amount of poker is a pretty good place to start. 

Look over Charlie’s shoulder as he grinds through over 100 hours of real-time poker, focusing on different strategies and game mechanics – and analysing his own play.

<a href="https://epiphany77.com/poker-masterclass/">Poker Masterclass</a>
Poker Masterclass

Master micro-stakes from 2NL to 25NL with expert info on mechanics, tactics and overcoming your brain’s default state.
This is a 10-hour masterclass, recorded by multi-million dollar poker pro Charlie Carrel.

Uniquely, the course combines modules with live-recorded attendee participation.
Learn Charlie’s systems, thought processes, pitfalls and keys to success.

 <a href="https://epiphany77.com/kathy-crosswell/meditations-for-you/?customize_changeset_uuid=397e2b55-be82-4568-9f1a-a317fce0b36b&customize_messenger_channel=preview-0">Guided Meditations</a>
Spiritual Masterclass

The ability to clear your mind, focus your attention and sleep deeply are all invaluable tools for any walk of life.

They’re even more important for mind-oriented skills like poker.

This spiritual masterclass can be seen as a toolkit to give you the insight into mastering your mind, so you can further your professional career (and all adjacent aspects of your life).


Unique learning opportunities

Charlie (also known by handle Epiphany77) has recorded dozens of hours of real-time poker sessions. They’re perfect for learning micro-stakes online poker by immersion.

New to the Epiphany77 portfolio is a premium, two-day masterclass. This 10-hour video set is for players who know they want want to keep playing poker; and need a long-term strategy to make it profitable and sustainable.

Cement your long-term success by taking control of your mindset. Kathy Crosswell’s guided meditations are designed to mesh with Charlie’s style of poker coaching.

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Meet the experts

Charlie Carrel
Charlie Carrel

“Epiphany77”. The poker player who turned $15 into millions.

Kathy Crosswell
Kathy Crosswell

Your guide as you explore a holistic approach to success.

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